“Listening to a group of guys who are unapologetic about their thoughts and beliefs but also aren’t jerks about it is fairly refreshing.”
 —iTunes review
If you're here, you may know Mike*, Ethan, and Doug. Or maybe you just know of one of them. But just to clear things up, here's the skinny: Mike got famous playing with robot puppets on a spaceship, Doug made a video game about a worm in a spacesuit, and Ethan made a comic book with his five-year-old brother about a cop with an axe. 

None of these three gentlemen is qualified to speak on much of anything, but they all happen to share a few interests and curiosities in common that are uncommon in the strange industry in which they work: entertainment. They came together as Christians working in Hollywood and fans of the great British journalist G.K. Chesterton. They used to get together with their other friends and read Chesterton while smoking cigars, pipes, and drinking whiskey in Doug's backyard in California. They would have long discussions about life, faith, meaning, family, morality, and fine tobacco, sharing opinions and views that don't always jive with what's currently cool. 

The three ended up moving to separate states, no longer able to enjoy those smokey gatherings. So, they started this podcast, and they decided from the beginning they would hold nothing back. When you are listening to this podcast, it's as if you've sat down to a private chat  in Doug's backyard between three guys who always felt out of place in their industry. They do not seek to offend (though some will surely be) but to explain and discuss where they are coming from and why they see things the way they do.

They named the podcast Audio Mullet because their old-fashioned beliefs are like the hairstyles that have gone out of fashion. The mullet is one hairdo that always returns. Like the mullet, Doug, Mike, and Ethan seek truths that are eternal and will remain true when all the current fads and fancies have been traded for new ones.

Their hope in creating Audio Mullet is two-fold. One, they want others who feel out of place in today's culture to know they are not alone, and for these conversations to be a refreshing sanctuary of common sense, where it's OK to say what you think as long as you do it with respect. Two, for those who take issue with their beliefs. It's not uncommon for those who have enjoyed the creative endeavors of these three gentlemen to become upset upon finding out that they do not subscribe to the pre-approved set of opinions the current culture demands. Often, people like this have a simple caricature in their head of what a conservative Christian is and immediately apply it, and subsequently abandon Ethan, Mike, and Doug, writing them off as terrible people. But some people are willing to listen, and even if you don't agree, be curious enough to hear an opposing viewpoint and get to know the guys beyond that unfair caricature. If that is you, thank you for listening. 

Each episode contains a main topic that is wholly uncool to discuss in modern times, then it is followed up by a lighter "department," which could be anything from "what are you currently reading" to "what is your most epic fart story." We never claimed to be high-brow entertainment.

Audio Mullet is also open to covering topics you, the listener would like to hear covered. Please send topic requests and questions to info@audiomullet.com. We also plan to have some guests on from time to time if we can ever get our schedules figured out.

If you enjoy the show, please share it and review it on your chosen app. It helps spread the mullet far and wide.

-The Mullets

*Unfortunately Mike had to leave the show in June of 2020